Henry Green

Former Browncoat Sergeant


Henry Green is a smaller than average bit of flesh covered bone with a set of broken specs; even his spare always seemed to be broken in a slightly different way. Those who don’t know him well would never expect that he lived through the War. Henry Green is your typical brains over brawn type.


Growing up in a small town on the rim, Green was rarely appreciated in his youth. He was clever but too small to be useful in farm work. Instead he spent his hours in his mother’s kitchen reading any books he could get his hands on. By time he was a teen he started card sharking the local gamblers, this ended in a lot of fist fights. Luckily for Green he had gotten his hands on a book about bare-knuckle brawling, he learned to take and throw a punch that would be effective even with his slight frame. He was soon banned from all the local bars and casinos for counting cards or starting fights. The town considered him a menace.

The call went out for men who would fight Alliance control. Green was quick to sign up. He had lost his mother to Reavers a few years before and felt there was nothing left for him there on his home planet. The recruiters almost laughed him off when they saw him, until a bar scuffle broke out around them. Green was quick to take control of the browncoat recruits and push the tide of battle back outside the bar. He soon caught and unmasked an Alliance spy who had hoped to join the browncoats and had organized the fight as a way to garner trust faster.

Even through the browncoats lost the War of Unification Henry Green is still regarded as a hero by the people of his town but he rarely returns there.

Green sent you a package containing something to reminisce about your time together, a small coded map and a letter:

“My friend, I hope this letter finds you well. I find myself in need of help and I hear that you could use the work. I have recently acquired a ship but I need myself a crew, a crew I can trust. If you are interested in joining me in the black head to Santo, in the city of Delight where the rusty tin melody plays. Follow the map to the ship that is out of place.
I hope to see you soon.
~Henry Green”

Henry Green

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