Cornelius "Corndog" Bell

Genius Mechanic and Engineer


Cornelius Corndog Bell has been involved with many different parties over the years. He worked for the alliance as both an operating system technician, and also as a ship mechanic. Others would defer to him when they had issues with their ships. He would salvage parts from ships and downgrade or upgrade the ship’s computers and maintain many of the alliance fleet’s vessels. He decided to go his own way but still is called for advice by the alliance, even though he would rather part ways completely. He left due to political reasons, and conflicts with upper management. He knew Henry green from his days working for the alliance, and also thinks the alliance has become nothing but a bureacratic nightmare. So he is making inroads with the browncoats, selling some information such as exploits to get what is needed always with “But you didn’t hear that from me”. He attended a university for EE, but soon became bored. Pursued ship mechanic, and other roles at various technical schools after college. He knows many fascinating things about ship drives, but not quite a nuclear physicist, though he is often mistaken for one. - More to come -


Cornelius "Corndog" Bell

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